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Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Drahomir Jelecek
Director of the Industry Division
Stationary decanter centrifuges

Stationary decanter centrifuges

In PBS Velká Bíteš we have been developing and manufacturing decanter centrifuges for theseparation of solid and suspended particles from liquids.

Itis widely used in wastewater treatment plants, the food and chemical industries and agriculture. In the area of separation, we offer our own decanter centrifuges as well as after-sales services, including the service of equipment from other manufacturers.

Application of decanter centrifuges

  • Our decanter centrifuges are used in communal wastewater treatment plants and industrial plants for the drainage and thickening of sludge.
  • They are used in the food industry and in potato processing plants, where they are used tothicken potato sludge orto purify water after potato scrubbing. They are also used in the production of soy products, where they cleanse the milk after grinding.  
  • They are also used in cheese factories, beverage factories, sugar factories and other food processing plants.
  • In the chemical industry they are used to separate chemical compounds.
  • Decanter centrifuges are also used for the processing of petroleum products. 

Stationary design

Technical parameters DO250 (single-engine) DO250 ( twin-engine) DO310 DO520
Drum diameter (mm) 250 250 300 500
Volumetric flow rate
(m 3 /hod.)
1-4 1-4 2-8 10-15
910 910 926 2 240
Population equivalent  2 500 - 12 000 2 500 - 12 000 10 000 - 20 000 15 000 - 50 000

Application of decanter centrifuges

Municipal and Industrial wastewater treatment plants

PBS decanter centrifuges perform their separation function in several municipal wastewater treatment plants. Our solution for sludge drainage is used by municipal administrations with a population of up to twenty thousand.
PBS decanter centrifuges are also used in industrial wastewater treatment plants to separate solids from liquid industrial waste in the food, beverage and meat processing industries.  Our decanter centrifuges are used in companies such as KOFOLA, KLÁŠTER brewery, PETR HOBŽA (Strážnické brambůrky), and others.

Industrial applications

However, PBS decanter centrifuges are also used outside wastewater treatment plants as part of technological manufacturing processes. They separate solids from industrial suspensions produced in various industries. They are used to separate fruit pulp, process soy milk, remove mica particles in the insulation industry, etc. Our solutions have been used by companies such as VITALL s.r.o. Hovorčovice, Škrobárny Pelhřimov, Cogeby a.s. Tábor, ArcelorMittal Ostrava a.s., and many others.

Service, spare parts and overhauls of decanter centrifuges

We provide warranty and post-warranty service of decanter centrifuges in the framework of service contracts as well as in emergency situations.

We can provide all types of service from overhauls to preventive testing of machines. Our decanter centrifuge portfolio of services includes activities from the sale of spare parts and telephone consultancy to machine overhauls.